Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have my date available?

You can check your wedding date on our Wedding Optimizer home page. Simply place your mouse over the date or dates you are interested in to view availability and times. You may also call 1 886 448 0151 or email
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What are the requirements to be married in Mexico?

  • Bride, Groom and the four (4) witnesses must arrive at the hotel four full business days (Saturday, Sunday, holidays, and wedding day are not applicable).

  • Passports and tourist cards of Bride, Groom and witnesses (4)

  • 4 Witnesses are required to sign the marriage certificate

  • Birth certificates original, plus the birth certificates translated in Spanish and apostilled for government purposes

  • Divorce papers are not necessary if the name shown on the bride's passport is the legal name that will be shown on the marriage license. If the bride wishes to apply her maiden name to the paperwork, then she must provide her original divorce decree along with a Spanish translation of same that is also apostilled

  • Blood test (performed at the hotel by company doctor)

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    Can I get married the same day as my arrival in Mexico?

    No. It generally takes at least 3 (three) working days to have your paperwork and documents processed.
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    How do I make payments on my wedding package?

    For payments on your packages we accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express

    The deposit is due 90 days prior the event day

    The final balance is due 30 days prior the event day:

    For the options and extras you have selected in your account on-line via our “Wedding Optimizer”, you may make payments in your wedding account via secure credit card. You may also call our weddings department for payment procedures if you do not wish to make payments on-line.
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    What is the cost to rent a venue?

  • For parties of 49 or less - $1,000 USD (12 Tribes Restaurant ONLY)
  • For parties of 50 or more - $700.00 USD (12 tribes Restaurant and 12 Tribes Deck)

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    How long will it take to get a marriage license?

    It takes approximately one week to get a marriage license.
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    Can I get a license the same day if I arrive by cruise ship?

    No. It takes approximately one week to get a marriage license.
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    Would my marriage license be legal in my country?

    Yes. Your marriage license is legal world-wide.
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    Can I apply for a marriage license by mail?

    No. You can not apply for a marriage license by mail.
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    Would I be able to use my marriage license from my country?

    No, you must apply for a marriage license in Mexico.
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    Can my Pastor/Rabbi perform the wedding ceremony?

    Your pastor or rabbi my only perform a symbolic ceremony.
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    Can I have a non-denominational or non-religious ceremony?

    Yes, you can have a non-denominational or non-religious ceremony.
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    Are same sex marriages allowed in Mexico?

    Same sex ceremonies are only symbolic ceremonies.
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    Can I get married on the weekend?

    Yes, you can get married on the weekend.
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    How many people can a space hold ? Is that number seated or standing?

    Depending on the venue.

    Locations with seating:
  • 12 Beach Club
  • Tribes Restaurant & Terrace
  • Locations with standing room only:
  • Pool
  • Bar “B”
  • FirePits Area

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    What exactly does the rental cost include?

    Venues range from the space rental only, to an all-inclusive (catering, tables chairs, linens, lighting, etc..)
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    How many hours does the rental rate include?

    6-7 hours
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    Can I reserve the space for longer?

    Yes, it is an additional $250.00 USD per hour.
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    How many parking spots are available for guests?

    50 Spots
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    Can we rental additional parking spacing if needed?

    Can I use any vendor or do you have list of preferred vendors?

    Subject to negotiation with the on site coordinator.
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    Do you do all set up and tear down of items you provide?

    Yes, this is included
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    If the ceremony and reception will be held in the same space will you have enough time and staff to make this a seamless transition?

    Yes, our team can complete the trun around in a minimum of one hour.
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    If there is inclement weather, do you provide a back-up location?

    Yes, certainly we offer alternative places
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    Are there any restriction on use of the space?

    Unfortunately, you may not hang lanterns from the ceiling or use flame candles.
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    Are there any restrictions on photography or videography?

    Are there any noise restrictions?

    Apart from the Beach Club (2:00 AM), all locations have a noise restriction of 11:00PM.
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    Do you offer a bridal room and groom's suite?

    Yes, subject to a confirmed room booking of 10 rooms for a least 3 nights.
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